An Advisor's Career Path

As advisors grow their practices, their roles change. We have identified four distinct phases that most practices go through: Solo Advisor, Advisors with Support, Team Practices, and Transitioning. In each stage, advisors face unique business challenges that require different skillsets to breakthrough to the next phase.

At Key Management Group, we focus on the tools, systems, and expertise needed in each phase to help advisors overcome hurdles and get to the next level while honoring the uniqueness of their practice.  

Solo Advisor

Doing It All

As a Solo Advisor, you must carefully balance client service, new client acquisition, and everything else from making coffee to answering calls.

We help you build achievable business goals that maximize your time.

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Advisors with Support

Building and Scaling

In this stage, you must effectively organize, delegate, and communicate as you take on a new role as an employer.

We help advisors maximize their operations.

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Team Practices

Defining Your Brand

Your practice may now have multiple producers. You are building a brand and must think like a CEO more than an advisor.

We help advisors become effective business owners.

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Leaving a Legacy

You have built a meaningful practice with clients and employees whom you love - but it is time to think about what is next. We ensure you have a smooth transition that honors the legacy that you have built.

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How to Begin

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