Solo Advisors

As a new advisor - you are doing it all. But once you hit your capacity, you'll need to work smarter to grow. We can help provide time, focus, and direction to those ready to move to the next level.

Building a Business

Building a client base is one thing - building a business is another. Coaching and Outsourcing are two services that can catapult your success. Don't try to reinvent the wheel - learn best practices from those who know.

Focus for this Phase


How are your balancing your time between service and acquisition?


Are there tasks that you could delegate?


Are you prioritizing prospecting and filling your pipeline?


Can you grow through acquisition?

Services for Solo Advisors

Outsourcing Services

Free up your time to focus on executive-level activities. Trust our team of field-trained experts to prepare you for interactions that will "wow" your clients.

Financial Plan Production

We enable you to deliver impressive and personalized financial plans without the headache of having to hire, train and manage staff. We offer a variety of deliverable types and even NaviPlan Live - where our analysts present directly to your clients.

Client Meeting Preparation

Go into every meeting prepared to anticipate your clients' needs and deliver world-class advice. Maximize the effectiveness of each meeting with our themed meeting agendas which give the clients 360-degree reviews and reflect your unique style.

Staff Hiring and Training

Want an internal team to efficiently and effectively prepare you for each client interaction? Our Practice Management services offer flexible solutions for finding and onboarding staff; developing and implementing systems; and conducting training.

Other Services

We offer a range of services for your unique needs. We can help provide you leadership and mentorship as you prepare to make the jump from Solo Advisor to an Advisor with Support.

Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaches provide guidance, accountability, and expertise to advisors. Areas covered are wide ranging - from hiring, motivating and retaining staff to business planning and goal setting to achieving work-life balance. Move forward in all aspects of your business with confidence and clarity.

M&A Consulting

Need help or advice working through a acquisition or succession strategy? We can help. We offer non-biased consulting for both buyers and sellers, as well as consulting for setting up internal successions and AFA buyouts. You don't know what you don't know until it is too late - we can make sure you cover all of your bases.

Practice Acquisitions

We offer unique buying opportunities for advisors. Our Advisor Legacy team goes beyond price to find the right fit for our buyers. Through our Advisor Legacy Sales program, we help you work through a deal and transition plan. You will have a no-regrets acquisition that helps you accelerate your growth.

How to Begin

Want to learn more about how are service can help your practice?  Complete our Quick Practice Assessment and one of our coaches will contact you soon to discuss your results.

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