Team Practices

You have built a robust team of professionals. Your business is no longer just you, but rather the collective efforts of many. In this stage of your business development, you are spending more and more time in the executive role.  Your job as a Financial Advisor must be carefully balanced with your role as the CEO.


Building a Brand

As CEO, you realize that clients are no longer interacting with only you, but they are have multiple touch points within your practice. You are not just building a book - you are building a brand and an asset.

Is your brand's message consistent? Is the client experience repeatable? Do you have the right people onboard? Does your team offer a high-quality product consistent with your values, beliefs and expectations?

How are you investing in your business? How will you utilize your people and resources to grow the value of your practice? Are you an effective leader, communicator, and employer?

What do you want to happen to your business when you are no longer there?

These are some of the critical questions you must answer to be successful as a team practice.

Focus for this Phase

Success as a team practice requires careful balance and strategic planning in these areas:


How are you balancing your time between advisor and CEO roles?


Do you have the right people in the right roles?


Is your practice scalable and primed for growth?


Will your business survive without you?

Services For Team Practices

For advisors faced with transitioning from the advisor role to the CEO role, we offer the following services:
Practice Management

Our Practice Management team works both on your business and in your business.  We start at your high-level vision to implement the granular details of how time is spent, how communication happens, and how you incentivize your team.

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Executive Consulting

Need help with a specific issue? Our years of experience and proven results enable us to help you solve your most complex problems.  We listen, we care, and we deliver strategic advice.

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Client Meeting Prep Outsourcing

Advisors are busy.  Our Client Meeting Prep team allows you to delegate your most important and time-consuming tasks to our team.  We prepare you for every client interaction so that you can walk in confident and deliver first-class service.

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Business Valuations

Business Valuations can be used to make important strategic decisions for your practice, and facilitate succession planning discussions.  We offer discount pricing for Ameriprise Advisors.

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Financial Plan Outsourcing

As a team of former advisors and staff with extensive field experience, we write plans that feel like your own. We think how you think, we speak how you speak, and we understand what you want.  Your voice, your style, without the hard work.

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AFA Analysis

We look in-depth at how your AFA is adding value to your practice and if your compensation package incentivizes behaviors that will lead to growth.

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Succession & Acquisition Planning

We offer end-to-end succession, acquisition, continuity, and M&A services through our Advisor Legacy services. We help you find, plan, and facilitate "no regrets" transactions for buyers and sellers.  Learn about opportunities in your firm.

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Turnkey Continuity

At this point, your practice is too big to leave to chance. Check this item off your list and establish a rock-solid Continuity Plan in the event of your unplanned absence.

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