Client Meeting Preparation

Walk into every client meeting ready to provide maximum value.

Imagine working so much less and doing so much more. That is what our Client Meeting Preparation Service delivers to you. We take over the time-consuming task of preparing for client meetings so that you can walk into each meeting sharp, ready to deliver value.

Our team reviews each aspect of your client's situation so that nothing falls through the cracks and all opportunities are identified ahead of time. You will deliver consistent, high-quality service to your clients, maximizing every moment of your interaction, and focusing your team's time on other high-value tasks.


Flexible Solutions

We offer flexibility based upon your needs and your budget. Some advisors use our services to augment prep work that is already being done in-house, while others rely on us to completely replace the need for an in-house team.

Our service can be customized to your specific preferences - allowing your personality and service style to shine through.

In addition to the specific meeting preparation services, you can opt for a Client Meeting Coordinator to receive additional help with preparation - including other analysis tools and 1:1 meetings with your coordinator to review recommendations.

How the Service Works

We have a turnkey process for getting you started with our Client Preparation team:

Step 1.

Agreements and Access

Agreements and Access

You will sign up for our service via an FC Agreement, and our team will request OBO Access for your practice. Let us know your preferences and desired meeting themes, investment philosophies, and opportunity preferences.

Step 2.

Weekly Notification

Weekly Notification

Each week, you will notify us of your upcoming appointments so that our team can collect the client data points and prepare your deliverables - which include a Meet Sheet, Meeting Agenda, and all supporting documents (PMT, Morningstar, etc.)

Step 3.

Case Deliverables

Case Deliverables

Our team will deliver the prepared items for each upcoming client meeting. You will have a chance to review, edit, and finalize all details prior to the client meeting. For those who opt for the Client Meeting Coordinator service, you will have a 1:1 meetings to review specific recommendations with a dedicated expert.

Essential Meeting Prep

$35 per case

  • • Themed Meeting Agenda
  • • One Page Meeting Summary
  • • Opportunities, Insights, and Actions
  • • Prior Meeting Notes
  • • Essential Client Data
  • • Client Goal Essentials
  • • Advice Fee & Deliverable Review
  • • Man Acct Fee & Deliverable Review
  • • Asset Class Worksheet
  • • Qualified Contributions & Distributions
  • • RMDs, if applicable
  • • Systematic Information
  • • Incoming & Outgoing Net Flows
  • • Meeting Notes
  • • Advisor & Client Next Steps
  • • Client Facing Agenda

Full Meeting Prep

$50 per case

  • • Everything in Essential Prep
  • ---
  • PLUS
  • ---
  • • Client Viewer Reports
  • • Annuity & Insurance Reports
  • • Investment Details
  • • Total View Information
  • • Portfolio Man Tool (PMT)
  • • Morningstar Snapshots
  • • NaviPlan Fact Finder
  • • Thomson One Reports
  • • Asset Allocation Man Tool
  • • SPS Allocation Models
  • • Insurance Illustrations
  • • Insurance Reprojections

Client Meeting Coordinator

$1,000 per month

  • • Preliminary Review & Data Collection
  • • Weekly WebEx Meeting
  • • Customized Menu of Services
  • • Customized Advisor Meeting Agenda
  • • Client Facing Agenda
  • • Key Areas of Financial Planning
  • • Detailed Opportunity Review
  • • Review of Foundational Advice Plan
  • • Review Comp Plan Recommendations
  • • Additional Client Mtg Prep Options
  • • Connections with Expert Resources

Key Features of This Service

Our Client Meeting Preparation Service comes with many benefits that drive your client service model.

Themed Client Meetings

We help you blend standardization with customization through our Themed Client Meetings. Keep your meetings engaging and on-point by focusing on different aspects of the clients needs each time.

Advisor Meet Sheet™

Our proprietary Advisor Meet Sheet™ puts all the information you need in one organized, easy-to-navigate preparation sheet. Quickly glance throught the client's information such as retirement plan contributions, RMDs, beneficiary status, systematic arrangements, portfolio allocations, and more.

Client Agenda

Drive your client meetings with a detailed Client-Facing Agenda. Show your clients that you are prepared and organized. Keep your conversations structured so that nothing falls through the cracks and your can maximize your interaction effectiveness.

How to Begin

Want to learn more about this service?  Find out if our service is right for you. Complete our quick contact form, and one of our representatives will reach out to you or use our live chat feature below.

Our Client Meeting Preparation Team

Our team has extensive experience in the industry with systems and best practices that drive results. We cannot wait to help you achieve your goals.

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