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Don't Put Off Your Own Planning

Advisors spend all day providing detailed and thoughtful advice to clients; however, when it comes to their own practice - many put off planning for themselves.

Buying, selling, or transitioning a practice are generally once-in-lifetime events. Successful outcomes require navigating all the complexities - including preparing for the emotional consequences of these decisions. Our M&A Experts offer services to help walk you through every aspect of these transitions.

We provide expert guidance at every step - from valuing your business, to considering tax consequences, negotiating deal terms, protecting against attrition, preparing your clients for the transition, and moving through the transition with the opposite party and planning for the unknown.


Advisor Legacy is a division of Key Management Group that focuses on M&A activity to include business valuations, buying, selling, mergers, consulting, and continuity planning.

Advisor Legacy services Broker/Dealers, RIAs, and other types of franchise and non-franchise financial advisory practices.

Specific services offered through Key Management Group are found below. Learn more about Advisor Legacy's full range of services at www.advisorlegacy.com.

Advisor Legacy Services

We offer services for advisors in all stages of their career - from those growing through acquisitions to those looking to exit.

Business Valuations

Our Business Valuations are the best in the industry. The clear reporting, accurate methodology, and substantive analyses help financial advisors gain a clear understanding of what is driving and detracting from the value of their practices. Use as part of your strategic planning or part of an acquisition, succession, or continuity plan.

Continuity Planning

Too many financial advisors put both their clients and their own families at risk by failing to protect their practice from unforeseen events such as a death or disability. We make it easy to protect your financial planning practice. Don't let procrastination get in the way of your legacy. Even if you have not identified your successor, we have a solution for you.

Turnkey Deal Support

Our professional team of experts is here to assist both parties in completing a fair and equitable arrangement. This package includes all steps from assessing the value of the practice, negotiating the deal, forming a transition plan, writing a legal agreement, and providing expertise and guidance along the way. Both parties will walk away with confidence.

M&A Consulting

Need help or advice working through a acquisition or succession strategy? We can help. We offer non-biased consulting for both buyers and sellers, as well as consulting for setting up internal successions and AFA buyouts. You don't know what you don't know until it is too late - we can make sure you cover all of your bases.

Escrow Services

A large practice sale brings risks for both the buyer and the seller. An escrow account offers a secure way to ensure that contractual obligations are being met before funds are released. Our escrow services are an affordable way to protect both parties through the transaction completion.

Practice Sales

Selling your practice is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Our Advisor Legacy team works hard to go beyond price and find the right fit for your clients. We help you find a qualified buyer, negotiate the deal and transition your clients. You will have a no-regrets retirement that leaves a legacy that you can be proud of.

Our Advisor Legacy Team

Todd DohertyDirector, M&A Expert
Ph: 509.888.5889
Anthony Whitbeck, CFP®, CLU®M&A Expert
Ph: 248.785.3603
Travis LiedkeAnalyst
Ph: 248.247.7316
Alan Salomon, CPAM&A Expert
John Sullivan, CFP®M&A Expert
Ph: 916.765.1529
Vicki WaltonOperations Manager
Ph: 248.218.1265
Jeff Sternberg, JDAttorney
Ph: 248.646.1056
Nicholas Tucker, APMA®, CRPC®M&A Expert
Ph: 248.218.1250
Jill Doherty Relationship Manager
Ph: 248.461.3748
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