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Know Your Worth and What Drives Value

One of the biggest mistakes advisors make is waiting until they’re facing a sale to conduct a valuation – leaving no time to impact the value of their businesses. Valuing your practice is a crucial step to making ongoing strategic decisions.

Each year we help hundreds of firms, RIAs, and advisor practices across the country value their books of business. We help advisors determine more than the selling price of their businesses - we hightlight trends, opportunities, and drivers (and detractors) of value so our clients can make solid, evidence-based decisions.


A Unique Experience

From start to finish, an Advisor Legacy Business Valuation is different.

Easy Data Collection

The first thing you will notice is the simple, straight-forward data collection process. Most advisors report that preparation takes less than thirty minutes and is frustration-free.

Dual Calculation Methods

When you receive your analysis, you will see that we value your practice from both the buyer's and seller's perspectives. We use a dual valuation method that incorporates both a market-based approach and an earnings approach, making our values extremely accurate.

Value Over Time

Not only do we tell you the value of your practice today, we can predict changes to your practice value over time. Knowing when you are likely to hit your peak value can help you plan for the best time to sell.

Segmentation & Benchmarking

Furthermore, we provide you with both segmentation and benchmarking to show you how key metrics within your practice impact value and how you can better position yourself within your peer group.

Expert Consultation

Lastly, our delivery method is different. Rather than sending you a boiler-plate report, we give you a concise, easy-to-understand, personalized summary with the most important details highlighted.

You also receive a one-hour phone consultation with an M&A Expert who will walk you through each section of your valuation and answer any questions that you may have.

Actionable Insights

Not only will you have a clearer understanding of your practice, your business, and current market trends; you will be able to take action to maximize your value.

How the Service Works

We have removed all of the barriers for completing a valuation to make it a quick and pain-free process:

Step 1.

Purchase the Service

Purchase the Service

Use the link at the bottom of the page to purchase the fixed-fee service with a credit card. Enjoy our special pricing for Ameriprise Financial Advisors.

Step 2.

Submit Data

Submit Data

You will complete a brief online survey with some background information about your business. You will also be given step-by-step instructions on how to securely download and submit specific reports from your practice.

Step 3.

Review Results

Review Results

Your report is generally ready within one week. A meeting coordinator will contact you to schedule a one-hour consultation with one of our M&A Experts to review your results

Key Features of the Advisor Legacy Business Valuation

Advisor Legacy Business Valuations are the best in the industry. The clear reporting, accurate methodology, and substantive analyses help financial advisors gain a clear understanding of what is driving and detracting from the value of their practices.

Sample information included in your report:

Calculation Summary

Advisor Legacy delivers an integrated market-based and discounted earnings calculations to give you both a buyer's and seller's perspective of your practice value.

Practice Benchmarking

Key metrics between your practice and practices of similar size are provided to demonstrate how different variables impact your value.

Range of Value

Deals generally fall within a range of values based upon terms, financing structures, and assumptions.  Your report will show the full range of likely values.

Client Segmentation

You are provided with a deeper dive into your client composition and its impact on your value.  You will also see this data compared to other practices of similiar size.

MaxValue Predictor™

Advisor Legacy uses propriety algorithms to model not only your current value, but how that value is expected to change over time given your client make-up.

Practice Efficiency

How efficiently the practice uses its resources is a key determinant of value.  In this section, you will see a thorough review of how your revenue and expenses impact your business.

Advisor Legacy is a division of Key Management Group that focuses on M&A activity to include business valuations, buying, selling, mergers, consulting, and continuity planning. Advisor Legacy services Broker/Dealers, RIAs, and other types of franchise and non-franchise financial advisory practices.

All Business Valuations for Key Management Group are done through Advisor Legacy to provide our clients access to broader benchmarking and trend analyses.

Learn more about Advisor Legacy's full range of services at

Specialty Valuations

We also offer specialty valuations for:

  • Branches and OSJs
  • Accounting & CPA Practices
  • Divorce Proceedings
  • Partnership Equity Agreements

To inquire about these and other specialty valuations, contact us for a quote.

Take Action Today

Purchase an Advisor Legacy Business Valuation through our Key Management Group website for a discounted price, available exclusively for Ameriprise Financial Advisors.

A valuation is about so much more than selling your practice - it should drive every strategic decision about growth, future investments, staffing, continuity planning, succession planning, and more. You will never regret taking a closer look at your business - take action today.

Bank Customers

If you are a Bank Underwriter please use the following links to our Advisor Legacy website to place your order:

Banks Only - Financial Advisory Business Valuations

Banks Only - CPA Practice Business Valuation

Advsior Legacy Business Valuation

Ameriprise Pricing

  • Written Report Includes:

  • • Calculation Summary
  • • Range of Value Summary
  • • MaxVal Predictor™
  • • Practice Benchmarking
  • • Client Benchmarking
  • • Client Segmentation
  • • Practice Efficiency
  • This service includes a one-hour consultation with an M&A Expert to review your results.


  • Special Pricing:
  • Business Valuation $1,295.00

  • Ameriprise Advisor Discount - $300.00

  • Ameriprise Price $995.00

Non-Ameriprise Advisors can purchase valuations directly from the Advisor Legacy website.

For OSJs, CPA Practices, Divorce Proceedings, Partnerships and other types of specialty business valuations, please contact us for a quote.

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