Continuity Planning

Protect Your Practice from the Unexpected

Too many financial advisors put both their clients and their own families at risk by failing to protect their practice from unforeseen events such as a death or disability.

We make it easy to protect your financial planning practice. Don't let procrastination get in the way of your legacy. Protect your clients and your heirs from the unknown.


Protect Those You Love

We know that many advisors delay or put off this critical step because the process seems overwhelming. We have developed two turnkey solutions that remove the most common barriers.

Whether you have already identified a successor or if you still haven't found a specific buyer, we have solutions that can protect your practice.

Our process is so simple and streamlined that you can knock it out in an afternoon. Our experts and attorneys handle the rest. In the end, you will have a rock-solid plan in place to protect your practice.

Your business is likely your biggest asset. Do not leave it to chance - handle this today to take care of the people you care about the most.

How the Service Works

We offer two unique Turnkey Solutions for Continuity Planning.

Step 1.

Purchase the Service

Select Your Service

Choose either our Turnkey Continuity Plan or our Turnkey Guardian Plan. Purchase online and enjoy our special fixed pricing for Ameriprise Financial Advisors.

Step 2.

Submit Data

Submit Data

You will complete a brief online survey and submit requested reports. Our M&A Expert perform a valuation of your business, and our partner attorneys draft the documents.

Step 3.

Review Documents

Review Documents

We provide the written continuity plan and a valuation to you. You meet with our team to go over all the documents. You will rest easy knowing that you have a secure plan in place.

Turnkey Solutions for Every Situation

One of the biggest hurdles for some advisors is finding a buyer to purchase their practice in the event of an unplanned death or disability. For this reason, we offer two flexible solutions based upon each advisor's unique circumstances.

Specific Buyer Identified

If you have already identified the party who will buy your practice upon your death or disability, then we can help you formalize the process with our Turnkey Continuity Plan. We conduct a valuation and establish the terms between yourself and the buyer.

No Buyer Identified

If you know that you need a plan, but you do not know a specific buyer, we can still help protect your practice. Our Turnkey Guardian Plan makes arrangements for the handling, sale, and transition of your practice in the event of an unplanned exit.

Legal Agreements

Handshake deals are too risky for your practice. Our continuity plans are written by attorneys who understand the nuances of our business. We ensure that you have a rock-solid plan to protect your clients and your heirs when the unexpected happens.

When you have a specific buyer for your practice

Turnkey Continuity Plan

  • This plan names a specific party who will purchase your practice in the event of an unforeseen departure.

  • The terms for this arrangement are determined and documented ahead of time. As part of our Turnkey Continuity Plan, you receive a:

  • • Consultation with an M&A Expert
  • • Consultation with an Attorney
  • • Business Valuation Learn More
  • • Continuity Agreement

  • Special Pricing:
  • Turnkey Continuity Plan $2,495.00

  • Ameriprise Advisor Discount - $600.00

  • Ameriprise Price $1,895.00

When you want a plan, but do not have a buyer

Turnkey Guardian Plan

  • This plan arranges for the professional sale of your practice at a later date. Upon a triggering event, KMG takes custody of your practice and arranges for your practice to be sold to a qualified buyer.

  • KMG handles the whole transition process so that your heirs receive payment. As part of our Turnkey Guardian Plan, you receive a:

  • • Consultation with an M&A Expert
  • • Business Valuation Learn More
  • • Guardian Agreement
  • Special Pricing:
  • Turnkey Guardian Plan $1,295.00

  • Exclusively for Ameriprise Advisors

  • Ameriprise Price $1,295.00

Our Advisor Legacy Practice Sales platform enables us to match sellers with qualified buyers. For advisors who do not have a buyer lined up, we can arrange to sell your practice at a future time. Our experts carefully screen, interview, and select the best qualified buyers. Your clients will have a smooth transition and your heirs will receive the sale proceeds.

Advisor Legacy is a division of Key Management Group that focuses on M&A activity to include business valuations, buying, selling, mergers, consulting, and continuity planning. Advisor Legacy services Broker/Dealers, RIAs, and other types of franchise and non-franchise financial advisory practices. Learn more about Advisor Legacy's full range of services at

Take Action Today

If this is something that you have been putting off - take care of this today. Do not leave your business unprotected.

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