Turnkey Deal Support

You Need More Than a Handshake

Practice sales are huge transactions for both the buyer and the seller. Mistakes can be extremely costly, and too often, the terms agreed upon have loopholes and shortcomings, leaving one or both parties vulnerable.

Our professional team of experts is here to assist both parties in completing a fair and equitable arrangement. Financial advisors who use third parties to help negotiate their deal terms usually report higher satisfaction with the end result. Our team has handled hundreds of practice sales, and we provide insight, structure, and best practices to one of the most important transactions you can make. We also offer two levels of service, depending on how much support you need, with clear, upfront pricing.


Feel Confident

Both parties will have access to the same information with the objective of structuring a transparent win-win deal that inspires confidence from both sides. When both parties work together, the clients benefit from a smooth transition and practices typically see lower attrition.

With over a 150 years of combined experience providing M&A support to financial advisors, we have developed and honed a streamlined process for getting you from start to finish. From securing a business valuation to negotiating the deal and transitioning the practice, we help you successfuly get the deal across the finish line.


We offer two options, depending on how much support you need to complete the transaction.


  • Turnkey Deal Support STANDARD

  • For advisors who already have a valuation and only need a basic contract for straight asset purchase.

  • Our deal making service is intended to help the client (buyer or seller) complete the terms and structure of a deal. The consultant will advocate for the client in presenting the deal terms to the second party. The deliverable of the service is a “Terms Sheet,” on which both the buyer and seller will sign off. The Terms Sheet is then provided to an attorney to complete the formal agreements (attorney’s fees are not included in this service).
  • Additional services can be added a la carte.


  • Turnkey Deal Support PLUS

  • For advisors who need comprehensive support working through the deal and the transition. Includes everything in the standard package plus:

  • • Business Valuation
  • • Legal Support
  • • Transition Support and Coaching
  • *Advisors save roughly $800 versus buying the valuation, legal support, and transition services separately.

Deal Terms

Our Deal Support package is billed in two parts, providing you with flexibility and assurance:

50% Down payment to begin the process. Once the deal terms have been decided, Part 2 is due.
For the Standard package, the remaining 50% is due when the term sheet is signed. For the Plus package, the Remainder is due prior to the engagement of the attorney. If the deal does not go through, the second half of the transaction can be cancelled. The first half is non-refundable.
*Does not include support for partnership agreements, purchasing shares, or other special circumstances. For those instances we can provide a proposal for support.

Our Advisor Legacy Team

Todd DohertyDirector, M&A Expert
Ph: 509.888.5889
Anthony Whitbeck, CFP®, CLU®M&A Expert
Ph: 248.785.3603
Alan Salomon, CPAM&A Expert
Nicholas Tucker, APMA®M&A Expert
Ph: 248.218.1250
Jeff SternbergAttorney
Ph: 248.646.1056
Victoria WaltonExecutive Assistant
Ph: 248.218.1265
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