Turnkey Legal Support

From Handshake To Legal Deal

Our legal experts help you turn your handshake deals into fully executable legal documents - protecting both parties to the transaction. Financial advisors who use third parties to help execute their deals usually report higher satisfaction with the end result. Our team has handled hundreds of practice sales, and we provide insight, structure, and best practices to one of the most important transactions you can make.


Get Help From Specialists

You need attorneys who understand the very specific nuances of financial advisory practices. For more than two decades, we have worked with attorneys to streamline a process for the very specific documents needed in a financial advisory practice sale. These documents include:

  • Asset Purchase Agreement
  • Non-Compete/Solicitation Agreement
  • Consulting Agreement (as part of Practice Sale)
  • Promissory Note
  • Bill of Sale
  • Closing Statement

We Walk You Through The Deal Step By Step

We offer the systems, tools and experience to help both parties achieve their goals. Our system was designed to produce mutually beneficial deals. The process is clear and the results are a winning combination for the buyer and seller:

Step 1.



The first step of any transaction is identifying the parties to the transaction. Once parties have been identified, then the work begins on Deal Terms. If you are looking for a buyer or seller, we can help!

Step 2.

Deal Terms

Deal Terms

There is so much more to the deal than price. Timing, Attrition, Consulting, Tax Allocation - and more. If you need help negotiating or sculpting your deal, we can help.

Step 3.

Legal Agreements

Legal Agreements

Once the deal terms have been set, our attorney partners finalize the contracts. If you have already finalized your terms, and now you just need the legal documents, we have built a service to streamline this process for you.

Get The Legal Support You Need

For buyers and sellers who are already working together, have worked out the deal terms, and need help writing legal documents - this service is for you.